Marching to WAR!!!

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Marching to WAR!!!

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:55 am

The main goals of the Space Liberation Front is to "Liberate" the Universe, we will mostly be doing this by inviting other players to the League and by colonizing other planets.

However, sometimes fighting can not be avoided. So the Leaders of the League feel it is necessary to lay down a few guidelines to help the League stay its course and to keep our Members out of harms way.

First, all Members must contact their Galaxy Representatives before attacking another planet. The Galaxy Reps for Galaxy 1 are Ai_dake1988 and the Reps for Galaxy 2 are Dallashadams. This is to prevent any attacks on our allies and to prevent any action of War without the Captains and other Senior Officers consent.

We also feel the need that new players should not be targeted by our Members. All members will not attack any players that have a population lower then 100. These players can not defend themselves against the higher population members and are not targets. Any violation of these orders will be dealt with swiftly and forcefully.

The first violation will be punished by a formal Warning.
Any other Violation will result in the Member being expelled from the League.

The Senior Officers do not want to have to police our members but if it comes down to it, we will do what must be done.


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